The Highlands Group of the Carolinas is a construction company through and through. All services provided are of the highest quality, however, construction is our strong-suit. The Highlands Group consists of Highlands Construction and Associated Mechanical and Electrical. Both companies are staffed with competent and professional employees to ensure any project is seen from start to finish.

Highlands Construction is the general construction company of the Group. Highlands Construction has been involved in a vast range of projects, from schools to offices to coffee shops and restaurants. Large projects are overseen by Highlands while managing subcontractors to handle individual trades. Highlands Construction is used to working with owners and outside design specialists to deliver quality projects and will always strive to deliver excellence.

Associated Mechanical and Electrical is the electrical and HVAC company of the group. Not only is Associated a subcontractor to Highlands Construction, but it has also formed relationships with several other general contractors on several small to large projects. From small projects as a subcontractor to acting as a Prime contractor, Associated Mechanical and Electrical is able to deliver a wide range of services and continues to provide quality installations.

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