Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design are all specialties that the Highlands Group of the Carolinas offers. The Highlands Group of the Carolinas has in house capabilities to design everything from General Construction projects to intricate process design. Architecture and interior design are also offered in house and with superior quality and detail.

Engineering usually begins with in-depth information gathering. The Highlands Group of the Carolinas makes sure to take careful consideration of the components of every project. Information is gathered and then reviewed to ensure that all parameters have been met; then the calculations and designing begins. Designing a new process, or any project, takes considerable effort to provide the most effective and efficient outcome possible, while taking into account all laws and regulations. Engineering projects such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing design are all provided.

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand. Architectural services provided by the Highlands Group of the Carolinas range from simple renderings to in-depth details and code studies. A project cannot begin until all local code officials have approved all drawings and conceptual plans. As a design specialist, The Highlands Group of the Carolinas provides quality services in ensuring all supporting documents are accurate and complete.

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