Bowen's Landing

Bowen's Landing was an existing restaurant that had recently been renovated. However, the HVAC system was not designed and installed properly to allow for proper temperature control throughout the facility. The initial data was collected to ensure the air flows were not getting to the proper places, once this was confirmed, demolition on the existing ductwork began. 

The ductwork was re-routed and new grilles were installed throughout the restaurant to ensure proper temperature control and air flow was directed to the proper places. The work had to be done above ceiling and in tight working spaces during the hours the restaurant was closed as to not interefere with operating hours. Once the dinning areas were addressed and resolved, work began in the kitchen. 

The kitchen hood system was installed properly, however, the make up air was removing all of the conditioned air that was being delivered to the cooking staff. To remedy this problem, after the existing systems had been re-worked to allow for more comfort in the dining areas, a new 4 ton roof top unit was installed to serve the kitchen area only. The result was a 20 degree drop in the kitchen area, and a much more comfortable kitchen staff. 

  • Location: Boiling Springs, SC
  • Date: August ' 13
  • Owner: Steve BruceRework existing HVAC system
  • Provide more efficient air flow
  • Better temperature control
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