Campus Life Building HVAC Replacement, USC Upstate

This project was carried out over Christmas break, while the Campus Life Center Building could be subject to closure. The scope of work consisted of removing and replacing eight (8) rooftop air conditioning units. The existing units had been installed with the original construction of the building and had hit their life expectancy. New Trane RTUs were purchased and installed to provide a better functioning and higher efficiency system. 

Demolition took two days, one day to evacuate the refrigerant and disconnect the electrical from each of the existing roof top units and one to physically remove them from the Roof. In order to remove the units from the roof, a crane subcontractor was brought in to rig and remove these units. Once the units were on the ground, replacement began immediately. The eight (8) new rooftop units were set in place in a matter of a few hours and the old units were put on a trailer to be recycled. The removal and install of all 16 units took less than 10 hours. The remainder of the job was startup and commissioning of these units. 

Startup and commissioning was coordinated with Johnson controls and USC Upstate facilities. The units were to be started and initial readings taken on each unit. Once the units were started and the controls were terminated, the Owner's representatives had to be trained on the new equipment. After training was complete, plenum mounted duct detectors were installed and tested to ensure proper building safety in case of a fire/smoke emergency. 

  • Location: Spartanburg, SC
  • Date: December '12-Jan '13
  • Owner: USC Upstate
  • Engineer: Peritus Engineers
  • Remove rooftop air condition units
  • Replace units
  • Install smoke duct detectors
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