Library Lighting Replacement: Phase II USC Upstate

Phase II of the Library Lighting renovations was to renovate the second floor to match the first floor renovations. This project consisted of demolition of 540 flourescent lights, safe disposal and the re-installation of new fixtures. The entire second floor was done is sections as to not interefere with operations of offices and classrooms. 

Once each specific area was ready for re-installation, the new lights were prepared, conduit and box fittings were installed, as needed to allow for a safe and appropriate connection. The lights were installed in accordance with new IBC seismic standards that were not in effect at the time they were originally installed. Each of the lights were installed in a specific area to allow for individual controls via a Lutron Lighting Control Panel. 

The Lutron control panel was furnished and installed according to the engineering documents. This panel was installed with two control modules to allow for remote control from seperate areas within the second floor.

  • Location: Spartanburg, SC
  • Project Date: Summer-'14
  • Owner: USC Upstate
  • Engineer: Burdette Engineering
  • Second floor lighting replacement
  • 540 Lights
  • Lutron Control Panel
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  • 20140513_103847
  • 20140513_103852
  • 20140513_104328
  • 20140513_104357
  • 20140513_104537
  • 20140513_105139
  • 20140515_120212
  • 20140602_151759
  • 20140602_151820

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