Clemson University- Byrnes Hall Interior Renovations

The Byrnes Hall Interior renovations project was completed over the summer of 2014. The scope of work consisted of demolishing the existing insulation in each of the 252 rooms and replacing with a drywall ceiling system. Also, the work included painting each of the rooms along with the hallways. Time was of the utmost importance for this project, liquidated damages were $1,000 per day after the listed date of substantial completion. The time frame for completion was 91 days, which left no room for margin.

Prepping began the first day of construction, preparations consisted of covering the floors of all the rooms and hallways with self-adhering coverings. In addition to the floors, all of the walls were protected as well. Once the existing finishes were protected, the materials could be staged. By the end of the project, a total of 2,000 sheets of gypsum were carried to the floors and installed overhead. This was done under careful supervision with thoughtful planning to ensure that the process went smoothly and on time.

The end of the project was by far the most crucial to ensuring success. Cleaning and finishing touches were done up to the last day of the project. Students began moving in earlier than originally expected and expedites were made on certain rooms/hallways to ensure that they were able to move into a finished area. Byrnes Hall was certainly a test of skill and management, but in the end, it was the success of the team members that worked together to make this project possible.



  • Location: Clemson, SC
  • Date: May-August ‘14
  • Owner: Clemson University
  • Architect: LS3P
  • Interior Renovations
  • Drywall
  • Paint
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