V-21 Process

Geohay is a company that produces a geotextile material used for soil erosion control. This material had previously been purchased pre-formed from manufacturers across the southeastern United States and shipped to Geohay on an as-needed basis. The goal for this project was to develop and working process line that would allow the owner more flexibility and control over the quality of the base product, while also ensuring the reliability of the delivery.

The Highlands Group worked closely with the Owner and the contractor responsible for procuring and installing the new process equipment. Highlands used their design services to detail the electrical and mechanical requirements of the existing machinery as well as designing the new controls and software from scratch. When the time came for installation of the equipment, Highlands worked closely with the Owner’s contractor to assist in the installation and startup. Highlands was completely responsible for the electrical, controls, and mechanical requirements of this process. It was a continuous design process, as this machinery had never been used in quite the same manner as it was being designed for. The controls and programming had to be designed from scratch and many of the electrical parts had to be scrapped and replaced with new, higher efficiency parts.

After the installation was complete, the task of making an actual product began. The set points and speeds had to be adjusted multiple times to get the product to meet the standards required. After the machinery was working and making product, the program and controls had to be adjusted to fit the new settings.

After only four months, this process was started from a heap of non-working parts. It was designed and re-designed to fit an entirely new model and at the end of the project, the Owner had the ability to control the manufacturing process that had been the bottleneck to their process for years. With the new capacity of this process and the quality of the product, the Owner will be able to ramp up production and grossly exceed previous abilities. 

  • Location: Inman, SC
  • Project Date: 12/2013-04/2014
  • Owner: Steeger USA & Geohay
  • Engineer: Highlands Group, LLC
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  • V-21 ProcessV-21 Process
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