Residential Projects

The home is the most personal asset one can have, and we know that the devil is in the details. The Highlands Group provides quality service from start to finish for the Home-Owner. From interior design to the final inspection, our team guides the homeowner through each step of the process, ensuring that nothing goes overlooked.

  • Clarke Restroom RemodelClarke Restroom Remodel
  • Clarke Kitchen RemodelClarke Kitchen Remodel
Cable pulling 101, make sure you have plenty of cable lubricant! #tuggAlmost ready for Final Inspection! #barndoor #renovations #designbuildNew Cree LED fixtures installed...after finally finding the correct ciGrading and asphalt for the new driveway and handicap parking area. HuDO NOT put glue on the threads! #servicecall #hvac #whyismyacleaking #Monday's be like! #monday #servicecall #werenotonwheniparked #AssociatService call for an exhaust fan 
Motor. Shaft alignment, belt tension,60'x16' shed for a customer. This one was rebuilt after a winter stormWhen concrete is involved, sunshine CANNOT be taken for granted! #conc

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